Painting Export Agreement

A Painting export agreement is signed between two parties- (i.e.) the exporter of the paintings and the importer/ purchaser. It defines the structure of the arrangement made, and its terms and conditions in a detailed manner.

Sample Painting Export Agreement

This agreement has been made effective on the date 12th June 2011

Termination date of the agreement: 12th June 2012

This agreement has been made in relation to the export of the paintings which are being exported by the exporter.

This agreement has been made between the parties with the following details:

Details of the Exporter (s):

Name: Mr. Adam Swayze

Contact No.: 264- 333- 678


Details of the Importer/ purchaser:

Name: Mr. Frank Claude


Contact No.: 594- 229- 986

Terms of Agreement to be followed by all the parties involved:

  1. The exporter is/ will be responsible for any damage to the paintings (if any) in the course of dispatch and delivery acceptance.
  2. The purchaser will pay the pre-quoted price for each painting. The amount to be paid in advance is 70% of total payments to be made.
  3. The purchaser must make rest 30% payment within 36 hrs of receiving the delivery.
  4. The transport expense will be borne by the purchaser and exporter in the pre-decided ratio of 7:3.
  5. If the delivery is not made on time the exporter must comply with the purchaser if he rejects to accept the order. If so the payment made must be refunded except for transport expenses.

Signatures of the parties:

Mr. Frank Claude                                                            Mr. Adam Swayze

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