Overseas Training Agreement

An overseas training agreement is an agreement which is made between a person who wishes to go overseas for work purpose and an overseas training institute or trainer. The terms and conditions of the agreement are generally enforceable by law and are legally binding for both the involved parties.

Sample overseas training agreement:

This agreement has been entered into on the effective date: 24th May 2011

This agreement has been made for a time period of: 6months

This agreement shall terminate on: 24th Nov 2011

This agreement has been made by and between Paul Fienes and Mark overseas training institute. Paul Fienes is hereby referred to as the Trainee and Mark overseas training institute is hereby referred to as the trainer for the length of the agreement.

Address of trainee: D-34, second floor, Nathan square, London

Address of trainer institute: S-23, first floor, Martin lane, London

Cost of training per month: $2000

Total cost of training: $12000

The cost must be paid within the first week of training.

The training shall be carried out at the institute address as mentioned

Number of days in a week of training: 5 days except Saturday and Sunday

Terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The trainee is not allowed to take up an overseas training program at any other institute for the duration of agreement.
  • The quality of training must be exactly in accordance to the rules and norms of the overseas laws.
  • The trainer must periodic tests for evaluation purpose.

Validation by both parties:

Paul Fienes

Mark White

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