Outsourcing Service Level Agreement

Outsourcing service level agreement is an official document which sets down the lineament of the service standards to be met by an outsourcing company. It contains the service measures in strict technical terms so that the service providing agency is certain of what to achieve. It must be constructed with marked vigilance and expert legal advice.

Sample Outsourcing Service Level Agreement

This outsourcing service level agreement is drawn upon the concordance between service provider and service contractor on 5th January, 2011.

The contract will remain effective for a time period of 2 years starting from 5th February, 2011 and ending on 5th February, 2013.

Details of the service provider:

Name of the company: ILS Telecommunications

Address: 9, High Street, Log State

Email address: ils450@lovemail.com

Details of the service contractor:

Name of the company: Kelvin Operators

Address: 9, Super Towers, Hop Street

Email address: kelvinop@lovemail.com

The conditions of the outsourcing service are specified in the following section:

  • It has to be rigorously assessed and measured by the COPC-2000 VMO standard to see if it meets the global standards.
  • The level of customer satisfaction will have to reach a curve of certain height when measured and diagrammatically represented.
  • The service will have to remain available 24×7 and accessible by all local and foreign customers.
  • Financial audits will have to be conducted by board-appointed professionals from a finance agency.
  • A periodic analysis of the company’s approach towards clients will have to be conducted and the improvements will have to be brought about immediately.


Tim Brooke (Service provider)

Lev Kelvin (Service contractor)

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