Oracle Training Agreement

An Oracle training agreement is a written document which is drafted between two parties, the trainee and the trainer. Any such agreement is legal in nature which means that the terms and conditions that it contains are legally binding for the involved parties. The agreement also consists of date of commencement and termination date along with the monetary discussions.

Sample Oracle training agreement:

This agreement has been entered into as on 23rd Jan 2011

This agreement shall remain into effect till 23rd July 2012

This agreement has been made between Mr. Paul Washington who is hereby referred to as the TRAINER and Mr. Ben Weiss who is herein referred to as TRAINEE

Details of the parties:

Details of the TRAINER

Address: K-345, third floor, White building, LA

Contact number: 4809398434044

Details of TRAINEE

Address: S-9, second floor, Matrix Square, London

Contact number: 493084809349

The TRAINER shall give the Oracle training to the TRAINEE for a period of 12 months

The training must cover all the basics of Oracle language for beginners.

Duration of agreement: 12 months

Cost per month: $300

Total cost: $3600

Terms and conditions:

  • The trainer agrees to give Oracle language training to the trainee for 12 months on the syllabus as mentioned in the brochure and as discussed among the parties.
  • The trainer must never miss a single training class and must inform on any rescheduling of class to the trainer one day prior to fixed date of class.
  • The trainee must be present on the class 15 minutes prior to class timings.

Both the parties hereby validate the agreement as follows:

Paul Washington

Ben Weiss

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