Online Separation Agreement

An online separation agreement is a document which is framed when two people agree to get separated on the internet through an online document and registry. These agreements are legally binding in nature and are as serious and formal as those which are available outside the online world.

Sample Online Separation Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective from the date 3rd Jan 2011

This agreement has been made by and between the following two parties:

Husband(party 1)

Name: Mr. Paul West

Contact number: 4730740938403

Age: 35 years

Wife(party 2)

Name: Mrs Jane West

Contact number: 4737409403094

Age: 33 years

Details of marriage:

Wedding date: 12th March 1996

Any children from marriage: no

Reason for separation: difference in opinion resulting in mental stress and arguments.

Husband’s statement: Wife’s inability to produce a child

Wife’s statement: husband unruly behaviour

Both the parties agree to be separated through this online document.

The following are the terms and conditions of separation:

  • The husband shall have to pay a compensation charge of $2000 to the wife every week as compensation charge.
  • The joint accounts, properties and other goods will be divided in 60:40 ratios to husband: wife for separation to be effective.
  • The other commodities or statements shall be discusses between the parties and divided without legal help.
  • The reasons for separation are stated to be discontent and unhappy married life.
  • The parties are allowed to meet outside any one of their residential places every month after permission from the court.


Jane West

Paul West

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