Online Dealership Agreement

An Online dealership agreement is a written legal document which is made between a manufacturer of a good or service and a person or party who wishes to be granted with dealership of the good or service. Here all the dealership is related to products which are available for sale and purchase online.

Sample Online Dealership Agreement

Agreement number: – OD/98-U

Date of commencement: – 3rd June 2008

This agreement is signed between


Grand ltd.

3rd Avenue Street

Florida, United States of America



Dragon corp.

Rowling road

Ontario, Toronto


The COMPANY grants dealership of Cameras and other Photography products which can be bought online by purchasers on the website

  • Quality: – the quality of the products should be of top notch and the products should be first hand used.
  • Quantity: – The quantity of dealership products must be more than 100 on the first order.
  • Payment:- the buyer has agreed to make the payments in full and final
  • Delivery Site: – the products must be delivered by the company on the address mentioned by the buyer.
  • Shipment charges: – all the charges of the shipment shall be borne by the dealer.
  • Other expenses: – all the expenses are to be borne by the seller and the buyer has no liability what so ever.


  • Any violation on the above mentioned conditions will lead to termination of the contract.
  • A notice shall given at least a month prior by either of the parties desire to terminate the contract.

Here after the contract is said to be valid

Signature of the Buyer

Grand ltd.

Signature of the Seller

Dragon corp.

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