On The Job Training Agreement

An on the job training agreement is an agreement which is signed when a person agrees to take up training on the job from a company in accordance with his qualifications and skills. Such agreements are basically legal in nature and thus the violation of its terms and conditions leads to legal actions.

Sample on the job training agreement:

This on the job training agreement is entered as on 24th Oct 2011

This on the job training agreement has been made by and between Mr. Fredrick Ernst who is herein referred to as the trainee and Mr. Samuel Clark who is herein referred to as the trainer.

TRAINER details:

Name of organisation: Clark Solutions

Address: H-3, main street lane, London

Contact number: 489589045450

TRAINEE details:

Address: 4-p, first floor, Hudson road, London

Contact number: 478957345450

The trainer owns the company Clark solutions which deals with producing software and software related products. The trainee is computer software graduate and has no work experience therefore wishes to take on the job training from trainer.



This agreement shall be in effect for 6 months and will terminate on 24th April 2012

  • The trainer must give training under the software manager department and shall provide training for 5 days in a week.
  • The trainee cannot take up training or job any other place during the entire duration of agreement.
  • The trainee cannot miss work during the time of agreement without written permission from the trainer.


Fredrick Ernst

Samuel Clark

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