Office Rental Agreement

An office rental agreement is a written  that gives a right to the owner of an office to lease it to a lessee in return for a rental charge. The agreement provides guidelines concerning the responsibilities of the lessee and lessor.

Sample Office Rental Agreement:

Owner: Greg Jones

Lessee: Pearl White

Date: 13’Th Oct, 2010

Address of property: 4 Y, ridge road, LA

Period of lease: 1 year commencing on 6’Th December, 2010

Terms and conditions:

  1. The lessor agrees to provide the lessee with facilities that include usage of electricity and furniture. Apart from these, free internet connectivity will also be available.
  2. The lessee must pay a rent of $1000 every month. The amount is to be on the 1’st of each month.
  3. The lessor will be free from paying for any damages or irregularities caused either to the office space or the furniture provided. The tenant will be held responsible and payable in such a case.
  4. The lessor or his team of inspection will be free to inspect the office space with a prior notice sent to the lessee informing him of the same.
  5. The lessee cannot sublease the office space without a written consent from the lessor.

Agreed and Signed:

Greg Jones                    Pearl White

(Owner)                        (Tenant)

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