Office Rental Agreement Form

An office rental agreement form a lease agreement signed between two or more parties. It gives the specified account details based upon which the agreement is signed. It is a legally binding document which can cause legal implications in case of not abiding by the conditions.

Sample Office Rental Agreement Form:

The agreement is made between Phil D’ Souza hereinafter referred to as OWNER and Eva Jones hereinafter referred to as TENANT.

Account Information:

Account Number: 457BH

File Number: 1256

Contact Information:

Name of Owner: Phil D’ Souza

Address of Owner: 218, 8’Th floor, New House, LA

Email address of Owner:

Contact Number: 445786648975

Name of Tenant: Eva Jones

Address of Tenant: 56G, States Street, LA

Email address of Tenant:

Contact Number: 447893983293

The agreement shall begin on 5’Th November, 2010 and will go on till 5’Th November, 2011.

Date of Signing: 13’Th Oct, 2010

Location: Bridge House, LA

The agreement shall be based on a monthly basis.

A monthly rental of $1200 shall be paid be lessor to lessee.

Security deposit amount of $300 shall be paid by lessor to lessee in advance.

Facilities provided: electricity, furniture, internet facility, cable connection and coffee machine.

The lessor and lessee hereby agree to the terms of the agreement:

Phil D’ Souza                           Eva Jones

(Owner)                                     (Tenant)

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