Office Lease Agreement

An office lease agreement is the legal document which is to be executed by the owner of the office property and the lessee for commercial use. This commitment is based on certain legitimate rule & regulations.

Sample Office Lease Agreement:

Effective Date: _________

Agreement Number: __________

This Office Lease Agreement is made between the lessor (owner) _____________________ individual/ corporation.


The lessee: ____________________ individual or corporation.

The office property which is leased by the lessee is located on the _________ floor or building name as ____________.

Authorised Address; City _________, State ___________, PIN ____________

The Owner / Lessor is located at: ________________________________

Contact Number: __________________________

Website (if any): ________________________

Whereas the lessee is resided inside: ______________________________

Official Number:  ______________________________________________

TIN number: __________________________

Business URL: ________________________

Section A: Rent:

According to term & condition the lease amount to be paid by the lessee to the lessor is ________________

Date for the lease amount is ______, 20 ________

Total amount of spoliator fees and processing charges is: _______________

This agreement is valid for a year and can be renewed before the 25 days of termination.

Section B:

In case of any violation to above mentioned terms, this agreement will be treated as null & void.

Signature of the Lessee:


Signature of the lseeor:


Solicitor Signature:


Place ______________

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