Office Lease Agreement Template

An office lease agreement template, as the name depicts, is a legally designed format to hire the official space for commercial use only.

Sample Office Lease Agreement Template:

Lease Agreement Number: ________ [a number issued by the solicitor]

Permanent Address of the Lessor: _________________ [an authorized address of lessor organization/ individual]

Phone Number: _______________   [lessor contact number].

Address of the Lessee _____________________________________ [correspondence address of the lessee organization/ individual]

Phone Number _____________________ [Contact number including area code of the lessee]

The office which is to be hired by the lessee is located on __________ market area, city____________ state____________ Pin code____________   [address of office]

The fixed amount of lease to be paid by the lessee is ______________ [total payment in local currency] which will continue till _______________ [duration until lease ends].

Total processing fee: ______________ [total amount invested over the agreement preparation inclusive of solicitor fees].

This lease agreement is valid from ______, 20______ is terminating on _________, 20 ______.

Amount to renew the agreement _____________ [which is to be paid by the lessee to the lessor]

Signature of authorised person from the Lessor organization/ individual:


Signature of concerned person from the Lessee organization/ individual:


Signature of the Solicitor: [sing of the hired lawyer]


Witness 1: _________________

Witness 2: _________________

Place: ______________ [where the agreement was executed through court]

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