Office Lease Agreement Form

An office lease agreement form is the first step to be taken to lease the apartment, space and shop for official use only. This form acts like a  commitment which is to be made between the lessor & the lessee.

Sample Office Lease Agreement Form:

Office lease agreement form number: ___________

This office lease agreement is prepared between the owner ________________corporation which is located at city___________, State ___________, PIN ______________ at its principal office and between the lessee (individual / corporation) ____________________________________ which is resided inside City __________, State ____________, PIN: ________________.

To validate the declaration of this agreement, the original copy of owner authority is being attached with this document.

The office space which is to be considered for lease is located at Market Name: ____________, City __________, State _______________ PIN ________________.

Both the parties are agreed on the legitimate term & conditions, whereas the lessee agrees to lease the office space and the lessor is interested to put the particular office location for lease.

This office space is round _____________ square feet on the _____________ floor of building.

According to Exhibit A:

The lessee will use this official space for commercial purpose only.

The fixed rent to be paid by the lessee is _______________ on decided date: ____, 20_______.

Signature of the Lessee: _____________

Signature of the Lessor: ____________

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