Office Equipment Maintenance Agreement

An office equipment maintenance agreement is one that is entered into between two parties for the purpose of maintenance of the office equipment of one company by another. The agreement is a service agreement entered by a company with an outsider company for upkeep of equipment as a routine process or when there is any failure in the equipment as well. The agreement provides for all the terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled by the outside company in the service maintenance agreement apart from description of all the office equipment that is covered.

Sample Office Equipment Maintenance Agreement

This office equipment maintenance is entered into between M/s Automative Company Ltd which is the hiring company and M/s Systems Maintenance Company which is the office maintenance service provider company on the 9th of July 2013.

Details of hiring company :-

M/s Automative Company Ltd,

#4, Hertfort, Hertfordshire,

London, HA18

Details of office equipment maintenance company :-

M/s Systems Maintenance company,

#9, Cheshire, London, CH45

Terms of Agreement between both the parties entering into maintenance agreement :-

  1. The maintenance company agrees to provide maintenance of office equipment at the premises of the hiring company once every month.

  2. The maintenance company agrees to provide maintenance of equipment in the vent of failure of equipment at any point of time.

  3. Any additional maintenance calls that are sought by the hiring company are subject to availability of maintenance technical staff and along with an additional charge applicable on each call.

  4. The maintenance company agrees to replenish the accessory or part of office equipment that is covered under the maintenance agreement without any additional charge.

  5. The services provided by the maintenance company are inclusive of service tax and therefore the same will be invoiced and remitted to the state tax department every quarter by the company without fail


Signature of M/s Automative Company Ltd _______________________

Signature of M/s Systems Maintenance Company _______________________

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