Non Compete Agreement

A non compete agreement is a legal document drafted when an employer and an employee enters into an agreement so that the employee after leaving the organization does not start similar kind of business or join any organization which is a direct competitor of  the employer. The agreement helps an organization to protect the confidential information of the company. There are terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement that the employee needs to follow.

Sample Non Compete Agreement

This complete agreement has been drafted and entered into on this day of 4th December 2011 between Gas Manufacturers referred to as the Employer and John Woo referred to as the Employee.

Details of the Employer:

Office address:  12 Grant Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Phone Number: 34567895

Details of the Employee:

Residential address:  12 Ron Sea Road,

New York, New Jersey.

Contact Number: 34567456

Till the validity period of this agreement the employee agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement. The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • In case the employee leaves the organization he cannon join any of the competitors of the employer at least within the state of New Jersey.
  • The employee cannot start any business similar to that of his employees.
  • The employee should refrain from passing on trade secrets or any kind of confidential information to any of the competitors of the employer. In case the employee is found doing so, he will have to pay to compensate for the damages.

Signature of employer:                                        Signature of employee:

John Woo                                                           Brett Lee

(CEO, Gas manufacturers)

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