New Home Construction Agreement

A New home construction agreement is done between a contractor and owner of the property in order to make a new home. This kind of agreement includes all the details regarding contract price, specifications of the home and other payment details. This agreement is being done with the mutual consent of both the parties

Sample new home construction agreement

Name of the owner: Steve lewis

Address of the owner: B12 Russesl street


Name of the contractor:  Daniel Richard

Address of the contractor: Daniel Builders

6E strandfort


Date of the agreement made: 5th July 2010

Terms and conditions of the agreement are as follows:

1)   The commencement date is 4th November 2010, this date is on which the contractor will start constructing the new home.

2) The total contract price is $260,000.00 decided by both the parties.

3) The 60 % of the total amount should be paid to the contractor on the commencing date itself, and rest 40 percent after the completion of the work.

4) The owner is liable to deduct money if the house constructed is not of the area specified during agreement.

5)   No other charges will be paid until the completion of the work

____________________                                          _____________________

(Signature of the Owner)                                       (Signature of the contractor)

Steve Lewis                                                          Daniel Richard

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