Mutual confidentiality agreement

A mutual confidentiality agreement is commenced between the two business parties for protecting trade secrets, where both the parties will not disclose any confidential information to the third party.

Sample Mutual confidentiality agreement:

Agreement Number: 45/ MM

Type of the agreement: Mutual

This mutual agreement is made between Brown & Smith Financing Corporation and Eagle Industries Pvt. Ltd under the traded secret act of: Act 1937.

The agreement is commencing on: November 21st, 2010 and is terminating on: November 21st, 2012

Type of the Business: Production

Underneath mentioned are the term & conditions for this mutual agreement:

Commitment Clause:

Both the parties have to keep all the trading data secret and are committed has to adhere to the business terms of confidentially.


Hereby, all the importing material and trading from any of the parties will be shipped under confidential title. Both the parties will not disclose any information and secret to the third party.


This mutual agreement can be cancelled if any violation occurs to the above mentioned clauses. Any party found guilty will make 60% of the total payment as settlement allowance to the alleging party.

Hence, both the parties will approve this mutual agreement:

Party: Brown & Smith Financing Corporation

Signed By: Monika Atkinson

Designation: C.E.O

Party: Eagle Industries Pvt. Ltd

Signed By: Harry Timsberlake

Designation: C.E.O

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