Musician Management Agreement

A musician management agreement is a document drafted when an individual or an organization takes the responsibility of managing the career of a musician. The agreement chalks out the responsibilities of the musician manager and the terms and conditions that both the parties need to follow.

Sample Musician Management Agreement

This agreement has been made as on this date of 25th April 2011 between Mr. Hydro Filter, referred to as the manager with his  office address located at 213, Treymoor Lk Cir, Alabaster, Alabama and Justin Bibber referred to as the  musician having with his residential address located at  8138 Miller Rd, Swartz Creek, Michigan.

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The manager has to accompany and travel with the musician whenever he goes for a show or a concert.
  2. The manager has to get assignments and clients for stage performances. He will be paid a commission of ten percent from the fees of the musician.
  3. The manager is not allowed to manage the career of any other musician till the agreement exists.

Hence, both the parties concerned are in approval of this contract.

Signature of the manager:                                               Signature of the musician:

Hydro Filter                                                                           Justin Bibber

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