Medical Equipment Lease Agreement

A medical equipment lease agreement is a legal document which is prepared between a medical organization (clinic, hospitals & nursing homes) and the equipment owner organization. This agreement includes heavy duty oxygen equipments, surgical machines and other accessories.

Sample Medical Equipment Lease Agreement:

Agreement No: ___________

Agreement Date: _________

This equipment lease agreement remains valid from _______, 20___ till ________, 20______

Name of the Lessee Organization (clinic/ hospital): _________________________________

Address of the organization (City & State):________________________________________

ZIP: ______________________________

Contact Number: _______________________

License Number: _______________________

Tax Id: _______________________________

Valid URL: ____________________________

To (name of the Owner organization): _______________

Address (City/ State): _____________________________

Contact Number: _______________________________

Description of medical equipments:

Name of the Equipment:              Product Type:            Quantity:             Tenure of leasing:

___________________               ___________              ________             ______________

Payment Terms:

Total cost of leasing per equipment: __________________

Net amount to be paid first month inclusive of processing fees: _______________

Amount to be paid quarterly: ____________________________________________

Renewal Fees: ______________________________ (to be paid after a year)

Please Note: During the active tenure, the lessee organization will be held responsible for the maintenance of equipments.

Signature of the Lessee:


Signature of the Lessor:


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