Master Vendor Agreement

A master vendor agreement is a legal written document which is formed between a client and a consultancy in which all recruitment services are provided by a single agency. The supplier then has to take all the responsibility of recruitment.

Sample Master Vendor Agreement

This agreement is made between

Macro Company

3rd Avenue

Dallas, United States of America


Direct company

2nd turn

San Francisco

United States of America

Where in, Macro company is the master vendor and Direct Company is the vendee. Both the parties have entered into an agreement on the following conditions:-

  • Agreement is effective from 10th may, 2010
  • Agreement is valid for a period of 5 years.
  • All required recruitment needs will be fulfilled \by macro Company
  • Direct company will have to make the payment within a month of receiving the services.
  • Macro services will have to duly fulfill all the recruitment needs of the Direct company
  • Macro services shall provide personnel for all departments and various work sectors of Direct Company.
  • All notices shall be given in writing.

Termination of the agreement:-

  • Any violation in the above mentioned agreement will lead to its terminations.
  • A written notice should be given at least 3 months prior of termination.

Dispute Settlement:-

  • Any settlement of the disputes will take place only in the Jurisdiction Court
  • No outside the court settlement shall be acceptable.

Hereafter, the contract is said to be valid.

Signature of Master Vendor

Macro Company

Signature of the agency

Direct company

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