Master Joint Venture Agreement

A master joint venture agreement is a joint venture agreement drafted when a small company enters into a joint venture business with an established well to do company for its growth. The agreement states that the kind of product that both the parties will be manufacturing or kind of service they will be providing under the joint venture business.

Sample Master Joint Venture Agreement

This Master Joint Venture Agreement is made by and between Glenn Manufacturers, a Nevada corporation maintaining its principal business address at Suite 200, 2300 E Ant Hill Avenue,, Delaware Nevada 33444


High LLC an Illinois limited liability company that maintains its principal place of business at 45 West Hampshire Street, Washington, Illinois 61542, and is valid till the date of 10th November 2013.

Glenn Manufacturers and High LLC may hereinafter be referred to collectively as the “Parties.”

Glenn Manufacturers is engaged in the business of manufacturing junk jewelries


High LLC is engaged in the business of selling junk jewelry and has chain of retail outlets.

As per the agreement Glenn Manufacturers and High LLC are entering into a joint venture as per which High LLC will sell the junk jewelry manufactured by Glenn Manufacturers.

Both the parties have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The profit made on sale of the jewelry will be divided equally between both the parties.
  2. Glenn Manufacturers has to pay a certain amount every month to High LLC as marketing costs.

Signature:                                                                          Signature:

Glenn Eagle                                                                                   John High

(On behalf of Glenn Manufacturers)                                                   (On behalf of High LLC)

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