Master Equipment Lease Agreement

The master lease agreement is a formal & legal commitment between two professional parties. Such agreement is based on certain term & conditions in order to avoid any kind of miscommunication.

Sample Master Equipment Lease Agreement:

Agreement No: _______________ Date: ___________________

The Lessor Name: _____________

Address (City/ State/ ZIP): ________________

Official Phone Number: __________________

Business URL: __________________________

The Lessee Name: ______________________

Address (City/ State/ ZIP):_______________

Contact Number: ______________________

Official E-mail Id: ______________________

In consideration of the mutual understanding, the parties are agreed to term & conditions as following:

Exhibit A:

List of Equipment to be hired by the Lessee:

Name of the Equipment _______   Category __________ Duration of Lessee Requested _______

Exhibit B:

The total estimation of equipment hires ____________ agreed by the lessee _____________ to pay the lesson______________ as rental

Net Lease: _________________________

In case of late payment, the lease agreement should be terminated.

The above mentioned lease agreement remains valid till: ________________

Signature of Authority (Lessee)                                              Signature of Authority (Lesser)

______________________                                                      ____________________

Place: _______________

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