Master Confidential Disclosure Agreement

A master confidential disclosure agreement is a legal document which is framed or drafted when two parties agree to keep the terms and conditions of the agreement under wraps and non disclosed to any third party or person. Such agreements are framed between two companies and are related to a partnership or settlement of sorts. Given below is a sample of a master confidential disclosure agreement.

Sample Master Confidential Disclosure Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective as on 1st Feb. 2011 which is the ‘effective date’.

Length of agreement: 12 months

This agreement has been entered into by and between ‘Jonson corporation and Fredson Organisation which are the MEMBERS in this agreement.

MEMBER 1 Details:

Name: Mr. Jonson Dawson

Address: S-90, 3’rd floor, Paul street building, CA

Phone number: 470394703403

MEMBER 2 Details:

Name: Mr. Larry Young

Address: 3-p, peter’s enclave, Jay street, CA

phone number: 438720980244

This agreement entitles both parties to share, use and utilise the products or information for the mutual benefit of their companies.

Both the MEMBERS hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • MEMBER 1 agrees to share all the business related information and knowledge with MEMBER 2 and same goes for MEMBER 2.
  • Both MEMBERS agree to the fact that the information or knowledge shared during the agreement term will be kept within them and would not be disclosed to any third party.
  • Both MEMBERS agree to provide the other with any new material knowledge or technological discovery as per the condition of this agreement.


Jonson Dawson                               Larry Young



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