Massage Room Rental Agreement

A massage room rental agreement is a legal binding document that specifies the terms and conditions for the renting of a massage room. It is a contract made between the owner and the tenant who wants to lease the room by paying a rental charge.

Sample Massage Room Rental Agreement:

Owner: Wellness clinics

Address: 45 D, ridge street, CA

Tenant: Mind and body therapists

Date of contract: 7’Th Oct, 2010

Duration of lease: 12 months starting from 1’st November, 2010

Terms and Conditions:

  • The rent paid by lessee will be $20 per hour, for 8 am to 8 pm everyday.
  • The facilities and equipments offered by lessor are: refrigerator, massage table, kitchen, coffee machine and water supply.
  • The premises will be used only for approved purposes.
  • The lessee will be held responsible for any damage done to the premises.
  • The lessor will have the right to inspect the premises at any time of the lease.


Paul Dennis                      John Ced

(Wellness clinic)              (Mind and body therapists)

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