Marriage Separation Agreement

A marriage separation agreement is a legal document which is framed between a husband and a wife when they agree to separate from each other out of wedlock. These agreements are signed and are based upon a number of legally enforceable terms and conditions which have to be followed and agreed upon by the involved parties.

Sample Marriage Separation Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective from the date 12th Aug 2011

This agreement has been made by and between the following two parties:


Name: Mr. Robert White

Contact number: 4730947030550

Age: 37 years


Name: Mrs Sarah Parker

Contact number: 4732049730403

Age: 34 years

Details of marriage:

Wedding date: 5th Oct 1995

Any children from marriage: yes

Number of children: 2

Names of children: Ron and Albert

Both the parties agree to be separated from each other on mutual consent and consideration.

The following are the terms and conditions of separation:

  • The husband shall have to pay a compensation charge of $10000 to the wife on the effective date of separation.
  • The children will be in the custody of the mother.
  • The joint accounts, properties and other goods will be jointly divided between the two parties and they agree to deny the help of the court for the same.
  • The reasons for separation are stated to be discontent and unhappy married life. The husband has been held irresponsible by the wife.
  • The children are allowed to meet their father once a week on a decided date between the parties.


Sarah Parker

Robert White

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