Marketing Partnership Agreement

A marketing partnership agreement is a legal document which is framed between two parties when they wish to get into a partnership related to marketing of a product or a service. Such agreements consist of certain terms and conditions which have to be mutually agreed upon by both the parties to avoid any kind of legal implications.

Sample Marketing Partnership Agreement:

This agreement has been entered into as on the effective date of 17th June 2011

This agreement has been made between Mr. Frank Albert who is herein referred to as the partner 1 and Mr. Bill Grant who is herein referred to as the partner 2 in this marketing partnership agreement.

The details of the parties/partners are given as follows:


Address: 1-H, Second floor, Marks enclave, LA

Contact number: 4730947304523


Address: R-78, first floor, Paolo street, LA

Contact number: 4703947303030

The partners hereby agree to be in a partnership that will involved marketing of all the products produced by Henry and Co. This marketing partnership shall be based upon the following legal terms and conditions:

  • Both the partners shall invest equal amounts of money into the marketing and sales operations of the company.
  • The profits earned by the company shall be equally distributed amongst the partners.
  • PARTNER 1 shall handle the creative and media aspect of the marketing whereas PARTNER 2 shall be responsible for looking after the sales and finances of marketing.
  • TERMINATION DATE: 17th June 2012

Both the parties agree to the terms:

Frank Albert

Bill Grant

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