Marketing Consulting Agreement

When a company appoints a consultant to supervise and provide valuable advice to supervise and enhance the marketing department of the company, then they enter into a marketing consulting agreement to make the deal official.

Sample Marketing Consulting Agreement

The company Wish Telecommunication and the consultant Mr Jack Reacher have entered into a marketing consulting agreement as of 16 November, 2010 in order for the company to gain consultation from Mr. Jack Reacher regarding the marketing department.

The parties have entered into the agreement under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The consultant would provide his services from 1 December, 2010 to 30 December, 2010 for a period of 30 days.
  2. During his tenure as a consultant, all the expenses related to his consultancy would be met by the company on submission of proper receipts and bills.
  3. The consultant would receive a remuneration of $ 100per hour for his services.
  4. Both the consultant and the company agree to the fact that this venture does not regard the consultant as a permanent employee of the company and henceforth, he would not receive any of the benefits either.
  5. The consultant agrees that any information regarding the company is confidential and he is not allowed to divulge the marketing secrets of the company elsewhere.


____________________________                 ____________________________

[Consultant]                                                        [Company]

Mr. Jack Reacher                                Wish Telecommunication

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