Marital separation agreement

Marital separation agreementMarital separation agreement is a legal piece of document that comprises of all important issues like division of personal assets, property, child custody, child support, and other related points.

Sample marital separation agreement:

The marital agreement is made on 2nd July, 2010, between the attorney referred to as Mr. Michael Shaw, husband Joe Brown and wife Campbell Bradley.

The parties were legally married on 7th October, 2009 at Savannah, Georgia.

Names of parties: Joe Brown and Campbell Bradley.

Names of children if any: July Brown

Husband and wife last lived together at address: 1600, Town gate place. Wilson. N.C

Contact number:  843-666-6666

Contact number 2: 843-777-7777

Disposition of properties of parties will be as follows:

Husband’s right to personal property: Will be entitled to personal assets and other properties.

Wife’s right to personal property: Will be entitled to live in the family home

Retirement benefits of the husband will be divided as: An equal share to both parties

Husband’s and wife’s share in the personal bank account: Equitable share

Alimony benefits:

Husband will have to pay an amount of $ 2600 each and every month beginning on 06.06. 2010, and shall end on 06.06.2020.

Child custody:

Wife shall have the benefit of the legal custody of the minor child.

Wife shall have the physical custody of the minor child.

Parenting schedules are as follows: Husband shall stay with the children on weekends only.

Signature of husband___________

Signature of wife __________________

Signature of attorney __________________

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