Manufacturer Distributor Agreement

A manufacturer requires to get the products manufactured by him to get promoted and sold, for which he gives the responsibility to a distributor and when such a deal takes place an official document is drafted which is known as the manufacturer distributor agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to provide evidence as to what were the terms and conditions chalked out by the manufacturer.

Sample Manufacturer distributor agreement

This agreement, effective from the date of 20th of May 2011 is entered between Flat Tires, referred to as the manufacturer whose address is:

41 Owen Wilson Road,

Mary Land, New Orleans 5124.

And Pro Distributors, herein referred to as the distributor whose address is:

41 Rock Ford Road,

New Finland, Los Angeles 5214.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Reason for Appointment:

The manufacturer appoints the distributor for the purpose of distributing rubber tires manufactured by the manufacturer.

2. Territory to be covered:

The products have to be distributed by Pro Distributors all over the state of Los Angeles.

3. Information:

The manufacturer has to keep the distributor informed about all promotional activities, new products and policies.

Signature of the manufacturer:                             Signature of the Distributor:

Diane Lane                                                                Julianne Moore

(On behalf of Flat Tires)                                        (On behalf of Pro Distributors)

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