Management Agreement Template

A management agreement template is the format in which a management agreement is drafted when an individual is recruited as a manager in an organization to provide management service or an organization is assigned to manage a certain part or department of another organization. The details mentioned in the template include the remuneration of the manager and also the terms and conditions that both the parties need to follow.

Sample Management Agreement template

This management agreement has been entered on this day of __________ [date of registering the agreement] between _____________ [name of the employee] and __________ [name of the employer] to work as _________ [type of management work to be done] in ___________ [name of the organization].

Personal details of _________ [name of employee]:

Residential Address: ______________________ [street address]

____________ [city], ___________ [state] __________ [postal code]

Contact number: ___________________

Email id: ____________________

Personal details of _________ [name of employer]:

Official Address: ______________________ [street address]

____________ [city], ___________ [state] __________ [postal code]

Contact number: ___________________

Fax number: ______________________

Email id: ____________________

As per the contract the employer will be paying the employee a monthly remuneration of __________ [amount in dollars].

Find the signature of both the parties mentioned below:

Signature of employee:                                                               Signature of employer:

________________                                                                    ___________________

_____________ [designation]

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