Loan Agreement Template

A loan agreement template is a sample agreement or a readymade document which mentions all the terms and conditions of the loan. There are two parties involved in this agreement who are known as borrower and lender.

Sample Loan Agreement Template:

Borrower: [name of applicant] First name: _______________ last name: ___________

Residing at: [city/state/pin] _____________________________________

Lender:  [name of the financial organization] Name: _________________________

Office address: [city/state/pin] _______________________________

Promissory note:

As per the amount received from the Lender, the Borrower has to pay the Lender a total amount of [amount in dollars] _____________ with an interest rate of [interest calculated] ____ percent per annum. The payment needs to be made within a time frame of [time in which loan to be repaid] _______ years. Both the parties have entered into this agreement as per the laws of the state of [state in which the application is made] ________________.  Both the parties should agree to follow the below mentioned rules and regulations:

  1. The payment needs to be on monthly basis with the monthly installment being _______.
  2. The payment should be made by checks at the below mentioned address:

[City/state/pin] _______________________________.

  1. The borrower agrees to mortgage his property with a total valuation of [amount in dollars] ____________.

Both the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions which is evident from the signature below:

Borrower:   [name of applicant]                                Lender: [name of the financial organization]           ______________                                                       _________________

Date [DD/ MM/YY]:  __________                          Date [DD/ MM/YY]: __________

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