Limited Partnership Agreement

A limited partnership agreement is drafted for the limited number of partners under the legal acts. Such an agreement consists of the contact information of the partners, business terms and clauses.

Sample limited partnership agreement:

Partnership Agreement Number: 56/ KL

Effective starting date of the agreement: November 21st, 2010

This limited partnership agreement is commenced between:

Name of the First Partner: Robinson Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd

Address: PLOT No; 56/ L, Wing- C, Near Sunrise Building, Toronto, Canada

Phone Number: 6894 483 6860


Name of the Second Partner: Smith Marketing Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Located at: Office Building No: 23/ T, Near Rainbow Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Contact Number: 7879 473 5849


Name of the third Partner (individual/ organization): Stella Marketing Companies Pvt. Ltd

Address: Office No: 345/ L, 5th Floor, Bakers Street, Toronto, Canada

Contact number: 8958 584 3920

Hereinafter all partners together referred “All the partners” as

For commencing a new business: Sales & Marketing, at Location: 67/ D, Building No: 3, Toronto, Canada.

Underneath given are the terms & covenants for all the partners in order to work together:

Capital terms:

The three business partners are agreed to invest the equal monetary values for initiating the new business.

Profits & Losses:

Hereby, all the partners will bear the loss & profits together and each of them will have the equal equity shares.

Partnership term:

As the partnership is limited, hence no more partners are allowed to join this agreement until three partners will not be agreed together.


This clause can be true in case of any violation recorded to the above mentioned terms by any of the partners.

Acceptance of the Limited Partnership Agreement:

Singed By the Partner 1:

David Timberlake

Signature of the Partner 2:

Rosy Williams

Signature of the Partner 3:

Samantha Atkinson

Witness 1:

Harry Abraham

Witness 2:

Susan Robinson

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