Limited liability Partnership Agreement

A limited liability partnership agreement is made between two or more partners to commence a new business where every person has got his/ her limited liability and will not be responsible for the misconduct of the other partners.

Sample Limited liability partnership agreement:

Agreement File Number: 578

This limited liability partnership agreement is initiated between the three partners:

Partner 1:

Name of the Entrepreneur: Mr. Joan Watson

Organization: Watson & Companies Pvt. Ltd

Location: Office No: 2, 4th floor, Samuel cross, Near Sunrise Lane, New York, America

Phone Number: 6897 739 2382

Partner 2:

Name of the Entrepreneur: Andres Abraham

Organization: Eagle Industries Pvt. Ltd

Address: Plot No: 45/ K, Wing- H, Rainbow Street, New York, America

Contact Number: 6859 372 7490

Partner 3

Name of the Entrepreneur: Rosy Atkinson

Organization: Greenway Industries Pvt. Ltd

Location: Office Building No: 78/ K, Maria Street, New York, America

Contact Number: 6895 622 6338

For originating a new business, Name: Sales & Finance, at: New York, America

This liability partnership agreement effective from: November 23rd, 2010

Hereby, following are the commitments for initiating the new business to be obeyed by all partners:

Partnership Commitment:

Party1, Party2 and Party 3 have their share in the business in the ratio of 3:2:1 respectively.

Liability Clause:

All the partners are liable for their own conduct and if any misbehaviour noticed from any of the partner then other two partners will not be liable for his/ her misconduct.

Termination & Renewal:

This agreement can be renewed after a year if no discrimination and misconduct is being followed by the any of the partner. In case of any violation encounters to the above mentioned terms can lead to the termination of the agreement.

Singed by the Partner 1:

Joan Watson

Signature by the Partner 2:

Andres Abraham

Signature by the Partner 3:

Rosy Atkinson

Witness 1:

Jenna Williams

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