License Agreement Template

A License agreement template is a readymade document which lays down the format in which a license agreement is drafted. These types of templates can be drafted for various different types of license agreements and can be then used as per needs and requirements.

Sample License Agreement Template

This agreement is signed between____________ (name of first party) and ____________ (name of second party). On the date of_______ (dd/mm/yy).

The date when agreement will come in to effect_________(dd/mm/yy).

Product information and usage terms

The owner gives complete rights to the license user for using their product __________ (name) for____________ (purpose).

The duration of agreement will be___________ (both sides will decide the duration for license usage.), it could be increased or decreased as per the consent of both sides.

Details of License User

Name of User__________

Contact Details: __________ (City/State/Zip)

Phone Number____________

Details of Product/Service Owner

Name: ____________

Contact Details :____________( City/State/zip)

Phone Number_______________

Terms and Conditions of agreement

  1. The license user will pay a sum of $_______[ cost of the license] as license fee to the owner from _________ (dd/mm/yy) the date when agreement came in to effect.
  2. The user will deposits a sum of $___________ as security money on_________ (dd/mm/yy) the date when agreement is signed by both sides.
  3. The user can use the license rights only for _________ (duration) and in _________region/ territory.
  4. Violation of above Clauses will be subjected for legal suit and treated as a civil crime.


Signature of Product Owner                Signature of License User

______________________                 _______________________

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