License Agreement Format

A License agreement format mentions the step by step details as to how a license agreement is drafted. These types of formats can be created for various different types of license agreements and can be then used as per requirements.

Sample License Agreement Format

Signing of Agreement

This is first part of the agreement, which describe the names of both the parties that are getting associated in this agreement with the date (DD/MM/YY) of agreement signing. It also mention the date when the agreement come in to effect.


This section tells about the duration of agreement and license and mentions the conditions regarding its expansion, renovation etc.

Details of Licensee

This section describes the name, contact details and business details of the license applicant.

Details of License Authority

The name, contact details such as mailing address, phone number and head of the department and secretary name will appear in this part.

Terms and Conditions of the agreement

The terms and conditions of agreement provide guidelines regarding execution of licensing process.

This part mentions the license fee paid by license as per directions of department e.g. monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.

It also describes the rights and privileges of licensee regarding license and his responsibilities/obligation towards usage of license.

The violation Clause is an important section of terms and conditions that describe those issues that can create room for legal disputes.

Signature of Both Parties

This is the last section of the agreement where both sides will make their signature to affirm the agreement and thus express their consent for agreement’s provisions.

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