Letting Agreement Template

A letting agreement template is a document that gives a ready to use format for renting a tangible property. It must define the contact information of the parties involved, period of lease, terms and conditions and other account information.

Sample Letting Agreement Template:

The agreement is made between:

Owner: [Name of landlord/owner]

Tenant: [Name of lessee/tenant]

Date: 14’Th Oct, 2010

Location: Yale’s street, LA

Duration of lease: 6 months

Commencement date: 5’Th November

Area of property: 567 esq.

Terms and conditions:

  • The lessee agrees to pay rent each month for usage of property and lessor agrees to rent his property to lessee in good usable condition.
  • The lessee has to pay $[amount] per month within the first week and would be charged an additional amount of $[amount] in case of late payment.
  • The lessor must pay for electricity and water supply and should regularly visit the premises for maintenance and repair.
  • The lessee must be protected from unfair eviction.
  • The lessee must vacate the property within one week of expiration of contract.
  • The lessee will have to get written consent from the owner before subletting any part of the premises to the sublessee.

Signatures of owner and tenant respectively:

[Signature of owner]           [Signature of tenant]

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