Legal separation agreement

Legal separation agreement is an official document where both the parties agree to end an agreement under the legal guidance. Legal separation agreement can be related to various business and other issues. Given below is the Sample legal separation agreement.

Sample legal separation agreement:

The agreement is made on 25th October 2010 and is between the following parties:

Mr. Robert. MacKay, CEO, Axis Ltd, Bradley Street, Texas, USA


Mr. Chris. Joyce, Managing Director, Axis Ltd, Bradley Street, Texas, USA

WHEREAS, both the parties have decided to legally separate from the Joint Venture Company

NOW THEREFORE, the Parties hereby agree as follows

(a)Both the parties will legally separate from each other on the date mentioned in the agreement.

(b)Both the parties will not hold any claims in the company hence forth.

(c) Both the parties should adhere to the Terms & Conditions mentioned in the agreement:


(1)   In case of losses both the parties will bear the losses according to the proportion of their share capital.

(2)Both the parties will share the profits if any, as per the proportion of their share capital.

(3) Both the parties are not entitled to any benefits provided by the company after signing the agreement.

(4)In case of any pending dues, both the parties should clear off the dues before signing the agreement





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