Lease Sublease Agreement

A lease sublease agreement is made between the subtenant and the sub leaseholder in order to lease some area of property and is considered as sub lease document based on certain term & conditions.

Sample Lease Sublease Agreement:

Lease Agreement Number: __________

Effective date of this agreement: _________ (DD/ MM/YY)

This agreement is by & between:

Legal Name of the Lessor: _________________

City: ___________, State: ___________, PIN: _____________.

Contact Number: ___________________________________

Type of organization: ___________________

Official Name of Subtenant (organization/ individual): ____________

Address: ____________________

ZIP: ________________________

Phone Number: _____________

Valid URL: _________________

The subtenant organization is:

  • Sole proprietor
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Other, specify: _______________

TIN number: _______________

This sublease agreement is commencing on _______, 20 ______ terminating on: ________, 20 ______.

Net amount of documentation fees: _______________

The first instalment of this sublease ___________ is to be paid on ________, 20 __________ by the subtenant to the sub leaseholder.

The sublease can be renowned by the subtenant after a year on the same date on which the lease is issued.

Agreement will be treated as Void in case the subtenant is not interested to renew the sublease and violation to above mentioned term & conditions.

Signature of Subtenant:                                                            Signature of Sub leaseholder:

__________________                                                               _________________

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