Lease Agreement Outline

A lease agreement outline is the designed format to opt for leasing some official space, residential place and property. This agreement form is considered between the lessee and the lessor.

Sample Lease Agreement Outline:

Lease Agreement Number: ____________

Place: __________________      Date (MM/ DD/ YY):  ______________

This Lease Agreement is prepared between the lessor (individual / organization) _____________________ and the lessee (individual/ organization) to lease the property _____________ which is located at ____________________________.

The property or place is allotted with ______________ square feet area is surrounded by parking.

With mutual understanding of both the parties the lease agreement will be effective from __________ , 20 __________ ending on _________, 20__________. This agreement form can be renewed by paying a fixed amount of ______________ before ten days of termination.

The agreement is solely leased by the lessee for personal/ official/ commercial use only.

The monthly amount which is paid by the lessee to the lessor _____________

If any kind of miss-use of property id found, the lease agreement will be cancelled immediatly.

Any kind of increment to monthly rental & renewal fees, the lessee will be informed by the lessor.

Signature of the Lessor:


Signature of the lessee:


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