Lawn Maintenance Agreement

A lawn maintenance agreement is a document drafted when an individual or an organization hires another individual or an organization to maintain their lawn. The interests of both the parties are mentioned in the agreement and it also act as documentary evidence so that there is no misunderstanding in future.

Sample Lawn Maintenance Agreement

This agreement has been drafted on this date of 10th of April 2011 between Lawn Mowers who is the service provider and Jack Hudson, who is the client to maintain the lawn owned by the client.

Both the parties have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

a)   Trimming and mowing: The lawn must be mowed at least once a month. The service provider should use blades with sharp edges so that the lawn looks clean even after one month.

b)   Fertilization: All trees and ornamental plants should be fertilized at least twice.

c)   Pest control: Pest management should be practiced by the service provider so that various kinds of insects and diseases can be controlled. The lawn maintenance will be done at the residential address of Jack Hudson:

2232 West Bridge road,

Los Angeles, North Dakota 5412.

Signature of customer:                                                                    Signature of service provider:

Jack Hudson                                                                                                     John Woo

(On behalf of Lawn Mowers)

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