Land Purchase Agreement

A land purchase agreement is a legitimate commitment between the land owner and the interested buyer, who is willing to purchase the land for some official, personal or commercial purpose.

Sample Land Purchase Agreement:

Agreement No: 56/ LPA

Date: January 31st, 2011

This agreement is created and registered between:

Details of the Land Owner:

Name: Linda McNally

Contact number: 3840 697 7980

Hereinafter referred as the land owner


Details of the Land Buyer:

Name: Stephen Johnson

Contact number: 3950 708 6080

Hereinafter referred as the buyer party

The land owner is willing to sell the land and the buyer party is interested in buying the land, whereas both the parties are agreed to the mentioned term & clauses to complete the deal.

This agreement is effective from February 1st, 2011.

Term & conditions:

  • The land owner is selling the land with following mentioned address to the buyer party:

Address: Plot No: 56, Industrial Area, Down Lake City, New York, America

  • The buyer party has already paid an amount of $ 2359 as an advance, whereas the remaining payment of $ 798000 will made on 1st of February to the land owner.
  • After receiving the full payment, the documentation will be completed, whereas the documentation expenses of $ 798 will be shared by both the parties.
  • Any kind of monetary issue and dispute can breach this agreement.

Validation of the land purchase agreement:

Singed by the Land Owner:          Signed by the Buyer Party:

Linda McNally                               Stephen Johnson

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