Labour Market Development Agreement

A Labour market agreement can be made between any of those two entities who are interested to develop labour market for their business or availability of skilled workforce. The agreement sets those conditions that will wok as a base for the employment generation and skill development program.

Sample Labour Market Development Agreement

This agreement is made between the Brightener Skill Development Agency and Provincial Government of Green Island on 23rd march 2011 and the agreement will be effective from 1st may 2011.

The duration for this agreement will be two years.

Both the parties will establish a joint committee to share the information and knowledge regarding development of labour market. The Agency will design a special skill and training program for unskilled and unemployed (registered) people of Green Island.

Representative details from both sides

Representative of Brightener Skill Development Agency: Mr. Erick Macklen

Director General of Agency.

Representative of Green Island: Mr. Sylvester Blair

President of Labour welfare Council of Green Island

Terms and Conditions of agreement with consent of both governments

  1. The Agency will provide technical and financial assistance for developing a skilled labour force in Green Island. Both the parties will form an expert group of labour matters to consider plans and ideas for policy formation in this sector.
  2. The agency will help the eligible workers to get work permits in other provinces or countries and take care of related legal matters as well.
  3. The agency will also establish a helpline for labour related queries, complaints and grievances.


Erick Macklen

Sylvester Blair

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