Karate Training Agreement

A Karate training agreement is signed between an individual who wishes to get training in karate (the trainee) and a training school or independent trainer. It sets forth the expenses, duration etc. and the conditions which both parties have to follow in course of the training.

Sample Karate Training Agreement

This agreement is signed to be a legitimate document between the TRAINEE and the SCHOOL/ TRAINER as on the date 12th March 2011

The services required by the individual/ trainee are proper course training in the authentic art of karate.

Training Fee (per month): $300

No. of classes per month: 20

Details of the Trainee (s):

Name: Mr. Paul Bing

Address: 1-P, first floor, Parkinson tower, London

Details of the Trainer:

Name: Mr. Robert Fling

Address: 3-g, second floor, Potter’s enclave, London

Terms of Agreement to be followed by all the parties involved:

  1. The training space will be chosen and provided for by the trainer.
  2. The personal trainer can be made available to conduct training at trainee’s selection of location on payment of additional fee and discussion of few other negotiable requirements.
  3. The class timings can be decided in a negotiable manner but once fixed should be complied with (exceptions only emergencies)
  4. Any classes missed won’t be accommodated for unless the class is cancelled in advance.
  5. The training fee is non- negotiable and non- refundable.
  6. The trainee will be provided a regime by the trainer which must be complied with.
  7. The training equipment will be provided by trainer and is included within the fee structure.


Paul Bing

Robert Fling

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