Joint Venture Investment Agreement

Joint venture investment agreement is made between two parties for creating a business partnership. The agreement sets those conditions that would be followed by both sides to execute the deal. A joint venture agreement can be done between two business organizations or individuals to share the investments, benefits and losses as well.

Sample Joint Venture Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed on 15th May 2011 between the Partner 1 and Partner 2 and it will be effective from 10th June 2011.

The duration of the agreement will be 24 months and during this time period both the parties will take all business related decisions in joint manner and not individually.

Both parties will invest their capital or money in business in a set proportion decided by mutual consent. They will share the profits as per their share in company assets and capital and the losses as well in same way.

Details of Partner 1

Name: Gregory Peterson

Contact Number: 4872301692

Details of Partner 2

Name: Samuel Rodrigs

Contact Number:  4830125760

Business Details

Both partners will establish a real estate trading company.

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement to be followed by both parties

  1. Both parties will invest their equity funds in the present and forthcoming projects of company for above-mentioned period.
  2. Both parties will share the losses if occurred due to natural disasters, human errors and sudden fall in property prices/value in market.
  3. Neither party will share the business plans and financial status information with any third party without consent and knowledge of other partner.

Signature of the parties concerned is given below:

Gregory Peterson

Samuel Rodrigs

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