Joint Venture Agreements

Joint venture agreements are legitimate commitment between the two business organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals to work in association with each so as to form a joint venture. Such an agreement can be created for the government joint venture or can be initiated between two or more corporate firms.

A joint venture agreement is a method to control the losses, trade expenses and enjoy a great deal of benefits together. However, the two business entities sharing interests and proprietary rights can join each other on the basis of such a legal document.

Joint Marketing Agreement Word Template

Joint Marketing Agreement Word Template


Joint Promotion Agreements Template

Joint Promotion Agreements Template


Limited Partnership Agreement Template

Limited Partnership Agreement


Types of the joint venture agreement:

  • Business joint venture agreement
  • Separate business joint venture agreement
  • General joint venture agreement
  • Partnership joint venture agreement

A joint venture agreement must include:

(a)Date of signing the agreement by both the parties.

(b)Joint venture agreement number assigned by the Attorney.

(c) Type of the joint venture agreement.

(d)Category and location of the business for which the agreement is initiated.

(e)Date from the agreement is starting.

(f)  Mention the contact details of both companies by giving name address and phone numbers.

(g)Covenants and declarations, including distribution of profits & losses, collective decisions and limitation clause.

(h)Signature of both the partners to accept the agreement.

(i)  Signature and approval by the lawyer.

The joint interest of both the organizations and individuals is the most basic factor which should be judged and clarified properly.

Sample Joint Venture agreement

Joint Venture Agreement Template

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Construction Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement Form

Joint Venture Agreement

Master Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture Operating Agreement

Record Company Joint Venture Agreement

Company Joint Venture Agreement

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