Joint Venture Agreement Form

A Joint Venture Agreement Form is a form of agreement where in the two parties agreed to invest the capital for the business and share the profits equally. Following is a sample Joint Venture Agreement Form

Sample Joint Venture Agreement Form

The Agreement is made on 20th October 2010 and is between the following parties

(a)Zodiac Solutions, a software solutions company providing software enterprise solutions in and around England

(b) Mackay Services, an ERP firm providing  Enterprise related solutions in and around United States

WHEREAS, both Zodiac Solutions and Mackay Services have decided to form a new company to provide business related software solutions worldwide.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereby agree as follows


Both the parties should be binding towards operations and decisions of the Joint Venture


(1)Both the parties should work towards development and promotion of the new company.

(2)The new company should be able to provide enterprise related solution across the globe.

(3) The new company will strive towards the development of new and advanced software.


(1) The agreement will start from 1st November 2010 and is valid till 1st November 2020.

(2)In case of any disputes, both the parties can break the agreement by giving the prior notice of 1 month.

(3) Profits should be distributed as per the amount of capital invested by both the parties.

Sealed & Signed By

Zodiac Solutions


Mackay Services

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