Investment Research Agreement

An investment research agreement is one in which one party makes an investment for carrying out research activities by another party. The agreement contains the scope and duration of research that need to be undertaken by the other party along with the terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled to avail the investment. The investment for research purposes can be provided by an organization or University in a particular field as deemed appropriate by it to individual or a research company.

Sample Investment Research Agreement

This investment research agreement is entered into between M/s Ozone Organics Ltd and University of Wales represented by Prof. John Donaldson from the science department on this 25th day of March 2012.

Duration for research project: 18 months from investment date.

Research Project Synopsis: Study of botanical extracts for curing ailments

Terms and Conditions for investment research project:

  1. The company will make an investment of 20 billion pounds for the research project within a month from the date of this agreement.
  2. The goals of the research project have to be met within the stipulated time frame failing which the University will be liable to return the investment amount to the company.
  3. The University will have to submit a monthly progress report about the research being undertaken with a projection of research for the upcoming month without fail on the 5th of every month.
  4. The research project team can avail any of the equipments from the company which will be under the ownership of the company. Any damages or repairs to the same will be at the expense of the University team handling it.
  5. The company has complete rights over the final result of the research project and none of the details shall be made available to any person without the written permission of the company. The university will have to maintain strict confidentiality with the research project until completion.



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