Investment Property Agreement

Investment property agreement is one which is entered into between an investor in property and the property seller. The property seller can be a company and the investor is an individual. The agreement defines all the terms and condition of the investment into property between both the parties.

Sample Investment Property Agreement

This agreement is entered into between Anthony Mark and M/s Michica Real Estate Company Ltd for the sole purpose of investing in property that is specified here under:

Investor details

Mr. Anthony Mark residing at #2, Barry, South Glamorgan, London, CF62

Real Estate Company details

M/s Michica Real Estate Company having its registered office at #88, Dagenham, Essex, London, RM10.

Property Details

The property in question is situated at #44, Weymouth, Dorset, London, DT3.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The property in question is being sold by the real estate company at a price of 1 million pounds.
  2. The investor has given an initial deposit amount of 50% as the advance for the property transaction and the remaining amount will be settled by the investor on the day the transfer of property gets completed in all respects.
  3. The real estate company is bound to fulfill the transfer of property to the investor on or before 29th April 2013 failing which the agreement will be considered to be negated. Also the company will be bound to pay back the advance amount to the investor with an interest of 2% on the advance amount within a period of three months.
  4. The investor agrees that the charges with regards to insurance, loan processing charges, and legal fees will be borne by him and not the real estate company.
  5. The investor has the right to inspect the property as and when desired at periodic intervals and request details of property from the company.

Signature of the Investor:

Signature of the real Estate Company:

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