Investment Partnership Agreement

An investment partnership agreement is one that brings together various partners into a partnership firm based on mutually agreed terms and conditions. The agreement is signed by all the partners and should have a date to be valid.

Sample Investment Partnership Agreement

This investment partnership agreement is entered into between Mr. Anthony Gomes and Mr. John Philip on 27th January 2012 for the purpose of carrying out business together.

Details of Partner 1

Name: Mr. Anthony Gomes

#4, Stockport, Cheshire,

London, SK5

Details of Partner 2

Name: Mr. John Philip

#1, Hengoed, Mid Glamorgan,

London, CF82

Terms of investment partnership agreement:

1)      The partnership is entered into between both the partners residing at the aforesaid address according to the laws of the state where office will be setup.

2)      The name of the partnership firm will be XYZ partnership firm.

3)      The investment partnership agreement comes into effect from 1st February 2012 and will be valid until dissolved mutually by either partner.

4)      The amount of investment for the partnership is deemed to be equal from both the partners.

5)      The profits and losses will be shared equally in the proportion of investment made by each partner.

6)      The investment partnership firm will have meeting periodically or as and when the need arises for any discussion on important matters concerning the business.

7)      Each partner will have equal participation in the affairs of the partnership and will be responsible equally to outsiders of the firm.

8)      The books of accounts will be maintained according to the prescribed format and available for inspection to either partner whenever needed.

9)      The investment partnership firm shall open a bank account in the name of the firm which will be operated by either of the partners.

10)  The partnership can be terminated by giving due notice of one month by either partner along with providing valid reason for the same.

Signature of Partner 1                                                                         Signature of Partner 2

Mr. Anthony Gomes                                                                           Mr. John Philip

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