Investment Management Agreement

An investment management agreement is an official document drafted when an investment manager provides his services to an individual or an organization referred to as the investor. The details mentioned in the agreement are the amount invested by the investor, the commission of the investment manager and also the types of investment that the investor is making.

Sample Investment Management Agreement

This investment management agreement is made and entered on 20th of March 2011 by and between Bull Investment Solutions, referred to as the investment manager residing at:

47 Avenue Road

New York, New jersey 5214.

And Nathan Lee, referred to as the investor residing at:

57 Aspen High Road

New York, New jersey 5221.

The terms and conditions to be agreed by upon both the parties are:

  1. The investor will be making an investment of $100000 which will be invested by the investment manager in share trading.
  2. The investment manager will charge a commission of twenty percent on the profit made. Any losses taking place will be borne by the investment manager.
  3. The investment manager has to keep track of the amount being invested in different shares.

Signature of the investment manager:                                                Signature of the investor:

John Woo                                                                    Nathan Lee

(Manager, Bull Investment Solutions)

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