Investment Guarantee Agreement

An investment guarantee agreement is one where one party guarantees the investment to the other party. There are two parties involved in this agreement where one party is the investor and the other is the financial institution. The financial institution in the agreement specifies the terms and conditions of guarantee of the investment.

Sample Investment Guarantee Agreement

This agreement is entered into between Mr. James Anthony and London Investment Financial Services on the 14th of April 2012 for the purpose of investment.

Particulars of Investor

Mr. James Anthony,

#56, Cardiff, South Glamorgan,

London, CF15

Particulars of Financial Institution

London Investment Financial Services,

#87, Blackpool, Lancashire,

London, FY32

Terms of investment guarantee agreement:

  1. The investor agrees to deposit the amount desired to be invested into the London Investment Financial Services will be deposited within 3 days of entering into this agreement without fail.
  2. The financial company agrees to provide a guarantee on the investment made by the investor along with a fixed rate of interest of 8% per annum accumulated and payable along with the principal amount on maturity date of the investment.
  3. The investor agrees that the investment made by him has a lock-in period of seven years and the investment cannot be withdrawn during this period under any circumstances.
  4. The investor agrees that in case of a need to withdraw the investment, he can do so after the lapse of a period of three years where in the investor will forfeit all the interest earned and also pay a processing charge of 1% of the investment to be able to withdraw the money.
  5. The investor agrees to have read all the terms and conditions of the investment and complies with the same to be eligible for the guaranteed investment scheme offered by the financial company.

Signature of Financial Institution:

Signature of the investor:



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